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You would bring in an item of value that we would accept as collateral to secure your loan. We will then ask you how much you need and evaluate your item. We always try to meet your needs if possible. If we can come to an agreement on the amount, we will write the loan for you immediately.

All loans are documented on a pawn ticket. The pawn ticket will show a description of your item, the amount you are borrowing and the interest that you will have to pay.

Answer: Loans are made for a period of 30 days, with a 30 day grace period.

You can payoff your loan anytime in the 60 day period. You could pay it off at the end of the initial 30 day loan or you could wait until the last day of your grace period on day 60. To payoff the loan you will pay the original principal and accumulated interest charges. If you are unable to payoff your loan you could pay the accumulated interest charges and renew your loan.

When you renew your loan you are only paying the accumulated interest charges. The original principal is refinanced for another 30 day loan and a 30 day grace period. This would be a new loan and would start all over again. A loan may be extended indefinitely.

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